not so Rocky Mountain Wednesdays


As you may have figured out (if you’ve read my recent posts) I’m far away from the Rocky Mountains right now.  Jerry sent me a text to tell me they had a nice new covering of snow today, I texted back a sad face, so he said he was joking,  it was all melted, but I know that they did receive new snow and are probably beautiful.

Instead I’ll share a beautiful (and crooked) sunset picture taken right out the back door here.  I could get used to living on the lake, except for the keeping an eagle eye on Ethan side of things.  While out near the seawall trying to skip a rock yesterday evening he flung himself, fully clothed, with shoes on (his only shoes), into the lake.  Jerry feels that we should work on his throwing technique, I think I need to fatten him up so that all his weight isn’t in his head.  He was pretty shocked and luckily the water is only about 2 ft deep in that spot.  Today he feels it was an awesome experience, I wouldn’t mind if it had scared him just a bit.  I posted a dripping, wet, Ethan photo at my photo blog Anon.

My mom and youngest sister are coming over for lunch on Friday.  I hope to see my other sister soon and my dad too.  Everyone lives fairly close, I have a brother around here too, the others live out of state.  Jerry’s parents are nearby and Kellen helped his grandpa move someone yesterday.  Tonight I dropped Kellen off for youth group at the church Jerry and I were married at 27+ years ago and where most of his family still attends.  I am remembering my way around here.  It has been 15 years since I drove these roads much. 

Jerry’s sister is taking very good care of us here.  I miss Jerry and the other kids very much.  I’m getting lots of rest and for the first time in many months feel very well.

Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!


4 thoughts on “not so Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I guess gorgeous photos just follow you wherever you go. Take this time to rest and re-group — everything will work out and the important thing is that you are feeling well. Now, about the throwing technique ….

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