Swan Lake Wednesday









Getting this off a bit late, I could not connect to the internet yesterday evening.

There are basically 2 couples (actually a group of swans is called a bevy unless they are in flight) but these swans are more like 2 distinct couples on the lake. They pretty much spend their day, or a good part of it drifting around the perimeter of the lake and pass by here several times a day. I understand they have nests with eggs somewhere but I have to wonder who is sitting on them!

Swans make a quiet noise when they fly but when they land their wings make a fairly loud noise on the water. I’ve tried to capture a picture without success.

When the eggs hatch I might be able to share a Baby Swan Lake Wednesday with you since it looks like I may be here a bit longer than we first planned on, I’ll know more next week.


7 thoughts on “Swan Lake Wednesday

  1. Beautiful pictures Mary Kathryn. My dad lives on Lake Fenton in MI – I love to visit him and watch the lake – it’s so peaceful. Those swans are so pretty!

  2. Mary Kathryn, Thank you for the pictures. I look forward to seeing them. Both in the Rockies and in Michigan, they have helped me to feel connected to somewhere other than my part of PA. They often fill me with peace and praise for the Creator.

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