a little finish






One of the many pieces I’ve completed stitching recently – Peppermint Twist from Little House Needleworks. I stitched this with the listed threads on 32 lambswool linen and changed the antique gold stitches to eyelets. I can’t believe this is only the 2nd LHN ornament from the wonderful series I’ve completed. Need to get going on those I think.

Went shopping with my mom yesterday. I gave her Brick House Sampler for Mother’s Day but we needed to find a frame. We ended up at Michael’s where I found some knitting needles on clearance at a really, really great price. I brought home a few balls of cotton for some dish cloths which Jane could not resist. My sister Stephanie met us for lunch while we were out too. It was a busy day.

Ethan has a fever, I hope he isn’t going to be very sick, he was up a bit during the thunderstorm last night but is sleeping peacefully right now, he doesn’t feel as warm as he did. There is a little virus going around the house, sore throat and a cough.

I have a big finish to share soon.


8 thoughts on “a little finish

  1. I bought this same pattern for an ornament for this coming up Christmas. I actually bought three different patterns and have started on one and about half done — I need to snap it up. Have decided that this Christmas is going to be a DIY Christmas!! You stitching is lovely — I can’t seem to stitch on linen — can’t see the holes — so I just stick with aida. Yours, however, is gorgeous.

  2. What a cute finish! I have this one in my to do pile. My cats wouldn’t have thought twice about running off with that gorgeous yarn. Glad you had a great visit with your sister. Hope Ethan starts to feel better soon. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hope Ethan feels better soon! That is beautiful stitching and you know how I feel about that kitty 🙂 Precious — did you put that yarn in her mouth, Mary Kathryn? because I refuse to believe she does anything wrong. LOL


  4. Lovely colours of yarn. I just bought a new book called The Gentle Art of Knitting – I think you would like the book but not the colours used throughout. It’s great to see my favourite girl again.

  5. Peppermint Twist is sooo cute. Your things are always so neatly pressed and accessorized, nicely presented. Jane is such a typical kitty. I wish you could see my youngest kitty going after my thread when I’m trying to thread the needle. She just gets frantic to catch it – sooo funny!

    Hope Ethan gets better soon. I look forward to seeing your larger finish. Red Brick Sampler??? Or is that even the right name?

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