Blue Water Bridge Nightmare!


I just got back to my Michigan headquarters after spending a few days with my sister several hours north of here.

On the way home I took a very, VERY WRONG TURN and ended up stuck on the bridge to CANADA when you get to the border without proper ID (passports) for yourself and your 8 year old (and there is no ‘I don’t really want to go to Canada’ option once you get on the bridge by the way) you end up spending lots of time trying to explain yourself in the immigration office and then they send you off with a ‘good luck getting back into your own country without a passport‘ cheer.

On the other side you get to do it again with the much grumpier US officials.



15 thoughts on “Blue Water Bridge Nightmare!

  1. So true! Dear Marc has his entire family in Toronto, and it’s not the Canadian Border that’s the problem–It’s getting the US side to let their own citizens back in! I’m actually amazed they did let you in (on the same day) at all! I feel compelled to say that your skin color didn’t hurt. I’m white, and I also know THAT from experience. Dear Marc, who is Filipino, sometimes gets the 3rd Degree–though he holds dual citizenship between here and Canada!

  2. That is one of my worst nightmares that I’ll drive up to Port Huron and get into some kind of fog and head toward Canada and be trapped. I don’t even own a passport which is silly because my father is buried in Port Edward in Canada.

    I hope that we they weren’t too hard on you!!

  3. What an experience! I kind of did the same thing years ago with my 16 year old son, though we made it into an ‘adventure’! How funny that the ad at the bottom of your post is for U.S. Passports!! Hugs.

  4. Oh my goodness! Sending you lots of hugs! We experienced a few border crossings 2 years ago when Jacquelyn was living in Vancouver to go to grad school there. I have to say that we never had any problems, but admit that the Canadians are the nicest people!!

  5. Oh my goodness,I can’t begin to imagine what that must have been like :0 I am from the UK and I have ended up in places I wasn’t supposed to be!! and that was stressful enough. So glad for you,that you made it back home the same day.

  6. I’m sure your son will remember this as an adventure but it must have been a bit nerve-racking for you to go through.

  7. What a nightmare !
    One day I had the same kind of problem at the Spanish border. I had no identity card for my son (in France it was not necessary for the kid, I had only the family book delivered to couple for registration of birth). With the European treaty all Europeans are supposed to be free to cross the other European countries without papers… BUT it was impossible for me to proove that this little boy asleep in the car was REALLY my son (no picture of him in the family book)!
    I had to follow the Spanish guard into the custom office with my little boy shooting “Mum I don’t want to go in jail”. The guard took my passport and let us here a long time… so scared.
    Finally he let us go home. Next day I went immediatly asking for an identity card for my son ! BUT… that was the onely one time that a Spanish guard ask for it.
    Everytime I go now in Spain (I’m very near this country) I’m anxious but I know that these controls are necessary.
    I’m glad you and your son are safe now !

  8. Oh poor you, that has happen to us ever since they changed the traffic pattern up the way in DC, but we did not have to do the immigration thing. You’re a brave girl. Hope things have settled down now, thinking of you.

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