(blue) yellow bird finsih






Finished up Yellow Bird from La-d-da. I used one strand over 2 on 35 lambswool linen. The thread info is here. I’m not sure what I want to do with this little bird yet, it will probably be finished as a little pillow and put in a basket with other small bird projects – someday.

I found this book at the library here. A few years back I had checked this out of our library back in Colorado and thought about stitching a few of the projects. I couldn’t renew it so thought I’d check it out at a later date, when I tried it was gone (lost or stolen) and I sort of forgot all about it. After looking at it again I decided to track down a used copy on Amazon. I’ve made a start on this antique style sampler using 40ct lambswool linen. Hopefully I’ll have some progress worth showing soon, I’ve been amazingly busy here.

Tyler was here for a way too short visit this past weekend. He and Kellen helped Uncle Leif get the dock in Sunday afternoon.


5 thoughts on “(blue) yellow bird finsih

  1. Your stitching looks really nice. We have quite poorly cross-stitch books in our library. Once I found several mags that I had to borrow straight away =D

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