Lake Huron Wednesday






These are photos I took on a very blustery day along the shore of Lake Huron. It was extremely cold and it was a good thing I had knit caps in the car for both Ethan and myself. Ethan could have played on the beach all day and it was lovely to have it all to ourselves.

The lighthouse is in the town of Port Sanilac and called Port Sanilac Light. Although I grew up in Michigan I’m sorry to say I never visited the Great Lakes or any of the Michigan lighthouses. I enjoyed the day as much as Ethan.


7 thoughts on “Lake Huron Wednesday

  1. You are just a natural born photographer — I enjoy your photos so much! I love the lighthouse — being from Texas, we don’t have so many but I have always liked them and have a raft of lighthouse patterns to stitch. Just beautiful photos — keep ’em coming!

  2. Altho I’ve not seen Lake Huron, I’ve visited Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior many times, and in different locales. I really enjoy the water, and the Great Lakes are not to be missed. I’m glad you and Ethan had fun.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I’m so glad you are visiting some of the great lakes and MI lighthouses!! They really are pretty cool to see. You always have the most gorgeous pictures!!

  4. Wow, MK – the Rockies are not the only beautiful part of the nation! The closest I’ve come to Lake Huron is Lake Michigan, being from IL. I’m so glad that while you’re rather unsettled, you’re getting around to see family and beautiful places. I love the lighthouse!!! It’s good to see Ethan having a ball!

  5. It amazes me that the lake is so large and ocean-like. I really enjoy seeing pics of different parts of the country that I haven’t had an opportunity to visit.

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