lake life




On a recent rainy afternoon this bright yellow plane was hopping about on the lake.

It looks like I’ll be here for much of June if not well into July. Jerry has been working in Kansas City and not able to look at houses properly from there. There are some Michigan family events coming up that it will be nice to be here for but I am missing Colorado very much and Jerry, Amber, & Tyler even more! I’m trying to stay positive and feel content but I’ve had a few hard days.

I have some stitching stored up to show but have been knitting dish cloths mostly. Just finished cloth #14.

My laptop is behaving very badly. It wouldn’t turn on for 2 days and then when it finally would come on the screen would go dead in about 2 minutes. It has been running well today, long enough for me to back up files and blog even. I’m hoping it will continue to work but we shall see!

Bye for now.


3 thoughts on “lake life

  1. I really do feel for you Mary Kathryn, it must be really hard all being in different places. How is my favourite girl (Miss Jane) doing?

  2. Mary Kathryn it looks lovely there but I can imagine you miss the mountains! Hopefully you and your family will be back together soon.

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