dish cloths

dish b

dish a

dish c

dish d

dish e

Here are a few of the cloths I’ve knitted lately. I told Jerry when we move to a new place we will have the prettiest dish cloths and lots of them. He suggested I knit something bigger that might take a bit longer to finish….

Jane is still pretty shy here but venturing out into the rest of the house now and then, she likes to keep to our rooms mostly.

Hanging in here!


PS – these are knitted on size 10 needles in worsted weight cotton

12 thoughts on “dish cloths

  1. Love the pictures of Jane. She’s quite a beauty!
    Can you share your pattern for the discloths? I’m a newbie knitter and would love to try to make a few of them. They are so cheery!

  2. Lovely mix of colours in your dishcloths – they look like they would make pretty face cloths too. Have you ever tried crochet Mary Kathryn. I’ve just learned and it opens up a new mix of designs, even for a complete beginner like me. PS Jane looks gorgeous, as always. She is such a pretty puss cat.

  3. Oh those look too beautiful to use! I’d love to have the pattern as well.

    Jane looks like a very pretty kitty-cat.

  4. Mk, this looks like the same pattern I used when I was knitting dishcloths! There is nothing like a knitted discloth, and the colors you’ve done are gorgeous! I have some hand crocheted dishcloths, and I hate them. The knitting is looser and stretchier… and wonderful.

    I feel the yearning in your blog posts, and I feel so much for you! You have no idea how I wish things would settle down for you. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is there going to be a time when you’ll be able to have your ehandcrafts shop again? I have so many questions!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the wash cloth pattern…I love all the bright colors and it is the perfect knitting project to have in the car when we are headed to our cottage in the 1,000 Islands in New York on the St. Lawrence River……

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