Frankenmuth, MI







I recently spent a day in Frankenmuth. My sister lives there. Not the sister I was visiting before my illegal border crossing but my other sister. Frankenmuth is about an hour away from where I’m staying in Michigan (with Jerry’s sister and her family), I rode up with my mom and stepdad.

First stop was Bronner’s. I love Bronner’s. I had not been to Bronner’s in 15 plus years. Actually the last time I was in Frankenmuth I was beginning to suspect I might be pregnant with Kellen….So this was Kellen and obviously Ethan’s first experience with Bronner’s. Kellen sort of stopped in his tracks when we walked in the door as you can see.

My favorite ornaments were the ones from Merck’s. I didn’t buy any but had a nice browse. From there we headed on to Zehnder’s for lunch. Here is a picture of Ethan and my sister at the Bakery.

It was a bit of a dog fest, lots of doggie events around town and packs (well it seemed like packs) of dogs on leashes everywhere. We watched the Dock Dog competition for a while before we headed home. When I was putting away a few things I had picked up during the day, I came across a package that I didn’t think was mine. It turned out to be an ornament my stepdad had secretly purchased for me at Bronner’s and then smuggled into my bag in the car. Such a nice surpise.

I was back at Janet’s in time to enjoy another beautiful sunset on the lake.


7 thoughts on “Frankenmuth, MI

  1. WOW! Your pics of Bronner’s are great! I grew up in Michigan and wouldn’t you know that I have NEVER been there, lol! Then again, it took me 32 years to cross the Mighty Mack (finally did in 2004). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love going to Frankenmuth! I try to make it up there every year when my sister comes. Bronners can take a whole day to get through on it’s own. It’s amazing all the things you can find in that place. And I love walking the main street too.

  3. My parents go to Macinack (sp?) Island almost every year. And every year, they go to Frankenmuth. I wish I could go one year! About a month ago, they went to Holland, Michigan for some big tulip festival – and then they drove over to Frankenmuth on the way back to Ohio.

    Linda in VA

  4. Love to stop at Frankenmuth when heading to the Upper Peninsula to visit my in-laws. Zehnders is a must love their food and the family style setting. Bronner’s is any Chrismas lover’s paradise. Thanks so much for sharing.

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