hello again!







My poor old laptop has been officially retired. I haven’t been able to get back online til today so I have lots to catch up on, first of all I’ll finish this post I started working on almost 2 weeks ago.

Ethan and I visited a nearby nature center. This was a favorite school field trip location back when I was in elementary school. It was nice to see it still operating and in such wonderful condition.

There were several turtles out laying their eggs while we were there, one was scared away from her work by a dog who managed to get off his leash so we had a good look at the eggs from a safe distance. We saw a small black rat snake in some branches and he was still long enough for us to touch his side but not long enough to get a good picture.

We saw some beautiful dragon flies, baby toads (oodles of them) and were followed everywhere by a cloud of mosquitoes! We kept moving but both of us came away with several new bites.

Jerry was able to come for a very short visit and bring my shop inventory, Impie, Hattie & Bea materials/supplies, along with my postage printer and scale. As soon as I can get this new little laptop updated with all the necessary software, I’ll have the shop up to speed hopefully.

Thank you for continuing to visit me here!


6 thoughts on “hello again!

  1. Thanks for the nature photos, very unusual turtle. I’m amazed that anyone would be allowed to take a dog to a nature centre – poor turtle.

  2. Looking forward to visiting your shop again! Lovely pics, btw — it looks like an interesting adventure — well, except for the rat snake, thank you very much. We had one of those here once and I wasn’t a fan, not even one little bit.

  3. Sorry to hear about the laptop problems but good news that you have your shop supplies again! Thank you for sharing those awesome pictures. That turtle looks quite prehistoric.

  4. MK – your pix are always a such a treat to see! Though the turtle lis unlike anything I’ve ever seen (sorta ugly), it’s very interesting. I love that you got to see the eggs – how fascinating! Did you actually touch the snake??? Holy cow! I couldn’t get anywhere near it!

    I’m so sorry about your dead laptop, but I’m happy to hear that you might get the shop up & running again. I do so wish things would settle down for you, and I know no one wishes that any more than you do. I think of you all the time.

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