summer so far

Summer here so far has been filled with stitching, lazy days, cupcakes, thrifting, lake fun, and missing the rest of my family.







Jerry was here for a super short visit last week, I miss him like crazy. This sampler (Beloved from Country Cottage Needleworks) was lovely to stitch but makes me miss Jerry even more!

Ethan and Jane enjoy a lazy day in our airconditioned bedroom. We’ve had some pretty hot days and some very rainy cool ones, actaully several rainy cool ones….you can also see some of the knitting that has kept me busy so far.

I helped my sister give a graduation party for her oldest daughter this past weekend. One of the things I did was decorate a bunch of cupcakes for her dessert table. I forgot to take a picture til they were mostly gone though. I have accumulated a nice little supply of cake decorating tools, I think I’ll be doing more of this.

I’ve been thrifting each week. I love picking up old sewing supplies, an odd dish, or little framed print. I sent several things back with Jerry but I’m sure I’ll have more treasures to share soon. I drove by another shop I’ve yet to visit and there are garage sales every weekend.

We are generally enjoying life on the lake. Kellen loves a chance to go tubing and Ethan loves to ride in the boat. Kellen is actually at a youth conference in Colorado this week so 2/3 of my family is far away at the moment.

The ‘new plan’ is to have a house rented in August and be all moved in together by September. Jerry has a big job going that will make it hard to drive everything and everyone back til then. So for now I’m just enjoying my summer on the lake.

Webshop should be up and running by Monday, need to replenish shipping supplies and a few other things to get everything up to speed. It has been a bit of a process getting my little laptop updated but that is almost done and I’m unpacking inventory.

Thank you again for stopping by to see me here!


8 thoughts on “summer so far

  1. It’s always good to see “Miss Jane” – she certainly looks relaxed. You sound so busy and so productive Mary Kathryn – it’s true what they say about “busy hands”.

  2. I don’t know how exhausted you felt after that party. Were you able to drive home? I was barely able to walk. The cupcakes were everything I was hoping they would be; the showcase of the whole party. Thank you so very very much. I am so very blessed to have you for a sister. You can’t know how much your support is appreciated now and always.

  3. Although I miss your pictures of the Colorado Mountains, I love your new ones of the lake and Michigan. Pretty different for you tho, huh? Your dishcloth’s are very pretty, and before you know it, you’ll be using them in your new home.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Jane is going to fall off the bed!!! lol Hate when my cat does that – makes me so worried and she never falls 🙂 Lovely pictures – beautiful stitching. Happy summer to you even though I know you long for summer’s end when you are all together again.


  5. Gorgeous stitching and the cup cakes look delicious. Your photos,as always, are beautiful.

  6. Love your pictures!!! Cute finish. Glad you are having a good summer. Hope you get in a home and settled soon. I am sure you can’t wait to all be under one roof again :-).

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