9 thoughts on “water birds

  1. Beautiful! We live in an area with lots of little lakes and ponds and we have a lot of ducks and they are so much fun to watch. You are lucky to have such a beautiful area to photograph!

  2. Lovely photos, as always. The cygnets are so cute – they look paler than the very grey colour we usually see over here. I always think that flash of purple on the duck is so typical of the beautiful colours we take for granted in the natural world.

  3. Dear Mary Kathryn, I’ve been away from my blog (and, subsequently, my blog friends) for some time and am just finding my way back. This is the first day I’ve checked in on you in over a year, I believe, and am sad that you’ve had so many challenges this year. As you noted in one of your posts, things always seem to work out. Just want to send all my best wishes for things to look up and up for you. Best, Debi

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