Occasionally something will catch my eye and I will begin to imagine it as something I can make. That happened when I saw these chairs on the dock next-door over the weekend. The colors reminded me of the dish cloths I’ve been churning out and the leftover bits of yarn I have. These thoughts led to a knitted bag.

I used this pattern as a guideline but made a few adjustments (and several errors) but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’ve started another hopefully the second one won’t have as many wrong stitches.

I visited a very nice quilt shop today and picked up another little bit of inspiration…


6 thoughts on “inspired

  1. Don’t you think that the tote would be a good diaper carrier either in the nursery or for short trips to see Granny??
    Colors, of course, could be changed to complement the nursery colors.

    Sammy Rusk

  2. How clever you are! It’s a beautiful bag, and I love the fact that you “translated” it from the chairs.

  3. MK, the bag is beautiful! You have a great eye for color, and your creativity is that of a fine artist in that the simplest of things inspire you. I love the beaufiful fabrics you’ve picked up. I looked at your shop but it didn’t seem that it was up working again. I don’t need anything at the moment but was wondering it you were able get it up and running again.

    Hope the rental house will work out soon for you, but in the meantime, I’m truly enjoying your lake pictures. Truth be told, I get a bit dizzy at your Rocky pix. I can’t drive through mountains without getting sick. I know – I’m weird! I love the flat plains of IL. LOL! So the lake photos are very soothing and familiar.

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