almost finished






I have only a few stitches to go on my Nantucket Sampler from BrightNeedle. The model is shown stitched over 1 on natural linen – 32 count I think. I ended up going over 2 on 40ct lambswool for my sampler. I used the called for threads except the checkerboard borders inside the square, I switched that to DMC 524.

Does anyone know the name of this little flower? It’s a bit like a vine and growing near the seawall. I think they look a little like miniature pansies. You can see the inadvertent savage tan I’m getting from all this living on the lake here…

Another stitching project nearly finished, Keeping the Bees, a kit from Shepherd’s Bush. I also have Tending the Blooms here in my stitching basket to go with this sweet little guy.

I’m finishing up another batch of IH&B Traveling Stitcher sets today, back to work!


PS –

Thanks Anne for the flower help. I think after a bit more research what is growing down by the lake is called

Germander Speedwell(P) — Veronica chamaedrys — Family: Scrophulariaceae — Figwort

10 thoughts on “almost finished

  1. The flower looks a bit like the Forget Me Nots that grow along the edge of our lawn, where wild and cultivated have a bit of a truce, but I’ve never noticed that they look particularly vine-like, so that’s probably not it.

    LOVE your BN Nantucket Sampler. Your color scheme is better than the natural linen, IMHO.

  2. Perhaps they are ‘wild’ Forget Me Nots? That is what they look like… I get ‘wild’ pansies growing in our Midwestern garden where I had regular store bought pansies growing the year before. They look a lot different to the originals but I’m sure the reason they are there is because of re-seeding.

    Your life on the lake looks idyllic! Love that sampler…

  3. I love that Brightneedle piece! It looks so much better on lighter fabric. I have seen the chart but not really given it much notice because the model is so dark… silly me! We can change that! Great stitching! Hugs.

  4. Hi, I’ve been a lurker on your blog for some time and I love your photos (and your stitching). I just wanted to let you know that your little flower is called speedwell (in the UK, at least). I should know. It grows all over my lawn …. well, my meadow.

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