thrifty finds






Been thrifting a bit – some of my recent finds.

I think my favorite is the framed Romeny print of Miss Willoughby but the little dish with ladies is pretty sweet too. I have two of the little tea cup snack plate sets which came from a garage sale just across the street and were irresistible at fifty cents a set.

I’ve started to collect the Nancy Drew books when I can find them at the thrift shop that is. I had oodles of these once in my life and read most of them. The Salvation Army sells books for twenty cents but they don’t have Nancy Drew in hardback very often. I am enjoying them all over again.


8 thoughts on “thrifty finds

  1. I love finding my favourite books all over again – never read Nancy Drew as she didn’t find her way over the water but used to love the Bobbsey Twins and Cherry Ames! Beautiful Nantucket sampler too.

  2. I used to read The happy Hollisters series also. I recently saw some Cherry Ames hardbacks at a thrift store.. Would you like them if they are still there? I can send them to you… Hugs.

  3. My dd even has a few of the Nancy Drew that were printed in the 1940’s and 50’s with the grayish-blue covers. She is really liking them right now:)

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