the cats (and Mark)

my Jane
and Mark
Orange Cat
and Mark
and Mark
Help Me!

There are 4 cats living in this house. Well, 3 cats and Mark. Mark is a bit of a character. He has a meow like the fly in the web calling ‘Help Me’ in the movie The Fly (Vincent Price). He uses this meow often. He meows When you look at him, when you don’t; when you pet him, when you stop, but espeically when you pick him up and hold him, altough he loves to be picked up and held.

I was online the other day and Mark decided he wanted my attention, there are now little teeth marks on the corner of my laptop. I got a really big whiney meow when I scolded him!


112 thoughts on “the cats (and Mark)

  1. Love to see kitties! So you have a talker! I saw one for adoption at our local store that talked constantly. When he ate, he still tried to be verbal but it came out a garbled mumble. So comical that he was adopted within two weeks!

  2. Heheheh…. cats are so much cooler than dogs. Mark sounds adorable. We have two cats and two dogs – can you tell I much prefer the cats?

  3. Do you know Mark looks like a Turkish Van? We have one. Annie is her name. Very intelligent. Has four languages which she uses for four different purposes. One, a sort of wail, is reserved for communication with her pet faux rat which she carries from place to place, expecting to find exactly where she left it. She communicates silently, head to head, with our other cat, a Cartreaux named Maven. Van’s do not have a bottom coat, as most cats do, and is consequently heavenly soft to touch. They don’y mind water and may take up swimming if given the chance.

    • I have a cat named Jenny too! She likes to hide rather than stretch, but we can get decent pics of her on rare occasions. She’s a Birman mix, one of the quietest cats going. You can see some pictures of her on my blog, but my sister has better ones on

  4. In college, I knew someone who bred Persians. She brought her laptop to school once and said “I hope it works. I had nine kitties jumping on it this moring.”

  5. Your description of Mark’s meow and Vincent Price in the Fly made me smile. Whenever my partner Michael or I, happen to say, “help me” we always use that voice….we also check all lost flies for the one with a human face! Anywho, your cat pics are beautiful. One of ours, Willamina, will be 21 in March. As a result of her age she pretty much does whatever she wants. Her meow has gotten very assertive lately and a new habit is breakfast is desired between 4-5am. After almost 21 years, who am I to question her reasoning? Today was my first visit to your blog…check out The Lioness! Cheers!

  6. Your cats are gorgeous. There are no animals quite like cats. They are expressive, elegant, graceful….vain and self-absorbed. I love them.

  7. Don’t worry, mark won’t grow out of it! he wanted yr attention by playing with yr laptop & by scolding him, u gave him yr un-divided attention!

  8. Aww! I miss my latest cat Redford! Cats are so cool and I can’t wait ’til we find the right one to come back into our lives again! You are truly blest to have 3+Mark in your life. =^_^=

  9. Mark is such a ham for the camera – so cute and cuddly ball of fur. The 1st pic of Jane – looks like she is getting in some yoga. Have your hands full with these 4 furballs and at times just a regular bunch of goofballs:) Thanks for sharing and Congrats on being FP!

  10. Judy looks really cute.. i like her picture.. :-D.. you have a lot of cats, i have only one and sometimes she can be super clingy, but maybe thats just because its my first time owning a cat..anyway great pics.. πŸ˜€

  11. Really nice post, love the title and the photos. Mark is pretty handsome, the girls too. πŸ˜‰ But I have a soft spot for bad boys so…

    I live with three cats… well, two and a half ’cause the kitten arrived only three weeks ago and he is still a speck of a cat.

  12. Knowing Mark personally (friends of the family you’re staying with), I love how you’ve captured him. You have to wonder if he would have been a different personality if he’d been named something more…well…’cat-like’!

  13. Oooh I love Mark! My kitty Labu is quite the talker as well and will cry at the door at regular intervals. Lovely blog! Will be checking it out more =)

  14. Mark seems like he is such a character! My folks have a cat but I swear to you, he never, ever, meows. And I kind of miss that, our last cat was quite a talker and you’d look at him and he’d meow, turn your back and he’d meow, and would do it all the time. Sometimes I’d just say hello to him before I left to school and he’d meow right back.

  15. Ahh great pictures! My cat Marty is a little bit like Mark, yesterday went I was on the computer he lay down between the keyboard and screen and first tried to push the mouse off the desk and then the keyboard! They’re smarter than they look!

  16. Judy has such elegance and Mark reminds me of my Chhappu who chews up a lot of things an is quite the attention seeker too! And now they must have become so much more important as they got you freshly pressed!

  17. Sweet kitty’s….a new one just adopted us a few weeks ago. Now she is a permanent part of our front patio. My daughter named her Skippy Jon Jones…after a character in a children’s book. Gotta love the kitties…

  18. Your cats are adorable; I have five and they are my heart and soul. Well, soon to be six, since today we are trying to get a stray we have been feeding and gaining her trust inside, before the hurricane Irene gets here. Love your kitties!

  19. I was never a cat person. But my girlfriend has convert me….I hope she does not read this! My newest cat is a talker and now has taught my other one to speak…..its cute except at 6:00 in the morning when they refuse to wait to be feed πŸ™‚

    Cute cats πŸ™‚

  20. My Coconut talks a lot too. Very funny. I have another one that rarely talks, just gets under my feet a lot and on my lap whenever I sit down. They are funny creatures, so different from each other.

  21. I think Mark is the long lost sibling of my cat Lola (not really, just wanted to be dramatic) – she acts exactly like that with an added feature: she is crazy! She likes to climb on my shelves, tables, coffee tables just to push things off of it and see it fall on the floor (and sometimes break). And if you ignore her meows and begging for loves, she will bite your leg and run away. Did I mention she thinks our two boxers are cats that she can rule? She thinks they are the stupid outdoor cats that can’t climb. And on their part, they think she is the climbing dog!

  22. All four of them are absolutely adorable, and Mark πŸ™‚

    One of my kitties also like to chew on the corner of my laptop when I’m working. She also chews on blinds, cardboard boxes, and cords. Crazy kitties!

  23. I loved your entry…I’m currently without a cat in my home at the moment, and it just feels wrong not coming home to one. I hope to remedy this soon, but in the interim have enjoyed seeing / reading about others and reminiscing about mine in a blog or two too!

  24. Love your cats! Your Judy is like my “Maxi”! Calico beauties! You can check her out in the September issue of best of 12 for the year!

    Your site is beautiful!

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