New Prairie Schoolers!



They’re here!! Darling designs, I think Santa’s Night is my favorite and the 2011 Santa is wonderful, love those snow shoes. The frame on Christmas Favorites is darling and the other 2 designs don’t disappoint!

I’m offering my usual special at the webshop. Buy all 4 designs and get the 2011 Santa free. All orders (not just PS) will include a free mini card. I’ve reduced the price on the set to off set the shipping charges too. I do ship these carefully in photo mailers so that arrive safely.

Stopped at the SA (Salvation Army) and found this fun book. I’ve only read a few pages and have to say it is completely charming so far.

Off to update the shop and then I’m going for another swim!


4 thoughts on “New Prairie Schoolers!

  1. I have that book! Hope you enjoy it. We are very fond of Kate here in Connecticut. I live not too far from her home when she lived in Fenwick. There is a lovely theater named after her here; they have a mini museum inside with some of her belongings including one of her Oscars. The stitching is beautiful too!

  2. It will be good to have you back in CO (though we haven’t met.) It was hot this morning after church, but it’s turned suddenly cool. The squirrels in out backyard are torn between wanting to eat nuts, and wanting to bury them. Generally they tuck one under the grass, and then dig it up again.
    Last weekend there were no aspens turning color at Rocky Mountain National Park. (We went up trail ridge road. There were fat marmots and a zillion tiny yellow wildflowers.) We’re going to the YMCA camp next weekend, so we’ll see whether fall’s beginning to show.

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