a summer sampler






Whenever the new Prairie Schooler designs come out I’m always inspired to start a PS project. I had this one kitted up in a box Jerry recently brought me and it stitched up pretty quickly.

From book # 137 Summer Breeze. I stitched this on 35 count lambswool linen over 2 with 2 strands. I did pink-up the reds a bit. Here is a list of the color changes I made. I used DMC 760 rather than 758, 304 rather than 3777, 3831 rather than 3830 and I used a darker dark brown, 938 rather than 898.

Have you heard that PS has reprinted several of their mini cards??? I’m really happy about this. If you are too and would like a chance to win a few of them, check back here later this week for a giveaway I’m planning.

Still enjoying summer on the lake although I miss Colorado so much that I’m sad at times. Still hoping to see the mountains soon but in the meantime…..

I actually put the final stitches into Summer Breeze while watching sailboat races this morning, soooo relaxing. Doesn’t the water look inviting?? Might be time for a swim!


15 thoughts on “a summer sampler

  1. Beautiful finish, Mary Kathryn! Your work always inspires me! PS designs are among my favorites to stitch, too.

  2. Fantastic sampler — such pretty colors. And I love the boats — it looks so nice there — like a normal summer — unlike here which is like — well — hot.

  3. Love the Summer Breezes finish and the color changes! I’ve only recently had access to DSL again was sad to read you’ve had to move and are still awaiting a permanent landing spot. In the meantime, it looks like you’ve reconnected with your family and your beautiful “home.” Hope all is well.

    A correction: Prairie Schooler did not reprint the mini-cards. These are extras (or left-overs, if you will) they’ve had stored here and there since originally issued. Availability is very limited..

    Best wishes, my friend.

  4. Gosh, so pretty! I like that you made it your own by perking up a few colors. 😀

    I’m not familiar with these mini-cards you speak of, so I’ll be keeping an eye out!

    I’m also all about PS lately. I was stitching an ornament when the new patterns dropped and now I’m working on a third (very unusual for me). I am really looking forward to stitching Santa’s Night.

    The lake IS gorgeous, but I feel sad when I hear that you are pining for other scenery.

  5. Really lovely! It is going on my list. I like the color changes you made and will most likely do the same – altho I may stick with 3777, which is one of my favorite DMC colors! I like the saying on this one also….

    Linda in VA

  6. Your stitching is so pretty!
    We went to Rocky Mountain National Park last Saturday to see the lilies blooming at Dream Lake. I thought of you, and I pray that you can come back soon.

  7. “Summer Breeze” is so Beautiful, Mary Kathryn… one of my favourite Prairie Schoolers… but then aren’t all PS such lovely stitches! I had to go plundering through my PS charts and pull this one out when I saw yours! 🙂 I Love your colour changes… and the beach sand… just perfect. I am enjoying your photos of life by the lake… so lovely. I hope you can go back home to Colorado soon… I know how much you must miss “home” and your family! Sending you hugs and blessings always in stitches…

  8. Summer Breeze is gorgeous Mary Kathryn and so nice to see the sailing photos. I stopped and read but do not comment very often. I love PS and will soon be kitting up another Santa Claus to do for this Christmas.

    Hazel C (UK)

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