cute creepy crawlie




My sister-in-law alerted me to the presence of this fuzzy little guy this past Sunday afternoon. It took most of the evening for him to make his way along 50 plus fence boards between one tree to another.

Oh, this is an American Dagger Moth caterpillar.

It was enjoyable working on photography for a bit again, today I was stalking a bumblebee, not sure those turned out as well though.

We have had cooler weather and missed a few days swimming but Ethan and I took a dip earlier this evening, the water was beautiful.


5 thoughts on “cute creepy crawlie

  1. Your title almost put me off, but curiosity got the better of me. I’m glad it did – I’ve never seen anything like it before and it is cute.

  2. Ah, a cute little critter in this form. The adult … well, it’s just plain plain. Why is your comment section asking me to log in? I do NOT like to log in using my Twitter or FaceBook accounts. I’ve had both subsequently pop-up with warning messages when I haven’t been near them and found the only way to avoid it is to to log in separately ONLY when I visit one.

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