Christmas in August




I stitched up the 2011 Prairie Schooler Santa, I do love those snowshoes. I used 35 count lambswool linen and I did fiddle with the colors just a little bit. As you can see I’ve also made a start on Santa’s Night also from Prairie Schooler.

I’ve wanted to stitch all the PS Santas since they first came out back in 1984. I have been collecting them since then but this is the first one I have stitched for myself. I think I would like to attempt to stitch one each month between now and Christmas. I have 2008 and the yellow one with the fish here with me so I could get started on another.

I’m stitching Santa’s Night on the called for 18 count black aida. I do have seven cuts of this in stock at the webshop which you can find here and will be running my special on the new Prairie Schoolers til the end of August.

I badly burned my index finger while cooking dinner tonight, luckily it wasn’t my finger tip but it hurts like crazy. I will always be more careful when steaming vegetables after this – ouch!


14 thoughts on “Christmas in August

  1. Santa looks great!!!! Could you share what colors you replaced as I love your variation…maybe its the pretty fabric also…. Thanks! PS: I hope to get that awesome sampler back from the framers in the next couple weeks…the one I won in your giveaway! Will post photos soon… Thanks, Faye

    • I used the following DMC instead of the obvioius colors they replace….758, 760, 816, 3865, I followed the key for the rest of the colors. Looking forward to seeing the sampler framed! :0)

  2. The Santa looks wonderful! I’ve wanted to stitch a bunch of them on one piece of fabric for a while, but haven’t followed through on that yet, maybe next year.

    Sorry about the burn, I do that a lot, or cut myself. I joke that it isn’t a good meal unless I’ve shed a bit of blood in the process.

  3. I love your PS Santa, it puts me in the mood for Christmas. Makes me feel cooler just looking at it too. Sorry about your burn. I seem to either burn myself, or whatever I’m cooking, frequently.

  4. The annual Santa looks wonderful, MK! I also love the lovely Santa’s night, and it’s so dramatic on the black though I doubt you stitched it on aida. Don’t think I would either. That is definitely my favorite design of all the new ones, which I’m vacillating on buying because I haven’t stitched a thing lately of all those I have collected from you. I’m getting to that age where I’m wondering just how likely I’ll be getting to the stash I add now. A bit sad, but true…. yet I love the “collecting” too!

    Ouchie on the burned finger! Steam burns are so wicked. Wrap it up and protect it from any more heat for a while!

  5. So wonderful! Thanks for showing your progress here and the heads up on the black aida for it! I already scampered over and ordered a cut. I have been so eager to start this and hunting everywhere for some 18 (36) count black anything!

  6. Finish looks great and the Santa Night’s has me very intersted in a possible stitch! May have to have a peek at your shop for this. 🙂

    Beautiful pics as usual.

  7. BEAUTIFUL STITCHING!! I have just come back to needlework after years away when I thought I was too blind to stitch anymore!! But low and behold, just put on glasses and heavy duty magnifier and I CAN SEE again!! Reborn to cross stitch and loving it! I am happy to have found your blog…you seem to be living the life I DREAM ABOUT!! ENJOY for both of us!!

  8. Oh, I’m so sorry about that burned finger! You take care!!!
    I love the Christmas stitching – putting me in the mood and reminding me that I need to get busy on all those projects I want to gift-stitch this year! 🙂

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