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Well I can hardly believe it’s September. There won’t be many more days spent swimming in the lake, the water is already quite a bit cooler.

I’m in start mode stitching wise. Here are a few recent starts. Two are from Birds of a Feather and One is a Carriage House Samplings design. I’ll share more details and hopefully more progress about these next week.

A favorite thrifting find. These little ladies are so pretty and I was thrilled to find them half off their already thrifty low price at the shop. Can’t wait to have a place to hang them.

A few more books from Borders, I’ve read Possession a few times but never owned a copy for some reason. The Cahill book is part of a series called Hinges of History I’ve been planning to read.

I’m gearing up for a sale at the webshop. I have a large amount of inventory I need to reduce, so check in tomorrow evening for sale details. I’ve already listed some things I had never put up at the webshop and reduced a few things that were already on the tag sale page (and added more) if you want to check it out.


3 thoughts on “starts & sales

  1. Oooh, I love your new starts! I have been wanting to stitch My Bethrothed for the master bedroom for years now. I have the other BOAF started and can’t even remember where it is or what the name of it is now. Yikes! I need to go stash diving and pull it out. It’s such a cute design.

    Love the thrifty finds!

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