mushrooms & acorns







I’ve been feeling out of sorts, anxious, and not sleeping well. I’m trying to keep very busy with lots of stitching and some photography. Yesterday I headed out for a morning of looking for interesting barns to photograph when something on the roadside, less than a minute from the house caught my eye.

What I thought were unusual flowers turned out to be fungi, Omphalotus olearius or jack-o’-lantern mushrooms to be specific. Ethan was excited to hear that these produce bioluminescence but since it’s 54 degrees and pouring rain we are not checking them out tonight. Personally, I was intrigued that they so closely matched the color of the hydrant they were near.

I’ve been gathering acorns in the yard. These seem like extraordinarily large acorns to me but since I haven’t seen an acorn in about 15 years – not many Oak trees in Colorado – I’m not a good judge of what is ‘normal’ for an acorn. I did find a small one floating in the lake which you can see in the pictures. I hope no squirrels will starve because I’m cutting in on the gathering.

It sure feels like Fall!


PS I did get some nice barn photos too

6 thoughts on “mushrooms & acorns

  1. I know what it’s like to feel a bit at sea, a few years ago my husband and I didn’t know what the future held or where we’d be living and were staying with relatives. It can feel very unsettling but it WILL work out in the end. Prayer and stitching are an excellent remedy during such times, I did more stitching during those months than ever before (and ever since, I think!) Will say a little prayer for you.

    P.S. Love your photos, I used to collect and use acorn caps as bowls for my Sylvanian Families woodland animals when I was a girl! 🙂

  2. I always like seeing the acorns too. Is that squirre lcarring an acorn or a walnut ? If that’s an acorn, its as big as his head!!! wow! Those fungi are neat! I’ve still been reading your blog but have been too busy to comment since school has started. Your photos make me want to see the Great Lakes in person. I have family in Wayne, MI, Thanks for sharing your days with us.

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