more starts






In keeping with my restless mood, I’m having a hard time settling on one project just now, eventually I’ll have heaps of finishes if I can keep track of all my threads and patterns, things are in a bit of a tangle at the moment.

Two of these are Prairie Schooler designs and two are from Little House Needleworks. I’m adapting one as a Jane Austen Sampler for my someday JA sampler wall, when I eventually have a wall that is.

Ethan, Jerry and I took a walk at a nature center when he visited last month. Apparently these fowl are accustomed to being fed by everyone who stops by or were very hungry. They chased us like maniacs making the most ridiculous noise until we entered the woods. They made me laugh but Ethan was just a tiny bit nervous they would eat the small guy first.


6 thoughts on “more starts

  1. I love these starts! And the JA sampler wall sounds awesome… I just love my sampler now that its framed that you sent me a few months back…took me a while saving my pennies, but finally had a few framed and your gorgeous sampler was one of them.. Like you, I am now trying to pick the right wall…someday soon you will have walls too!! Take care, Faye

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