S & S Sampler







I am very happy to say that a recent bout of insomnia has yielded a good result.

This design is the Virtue Sampler from Little House Needleworks. With a few tiny changes I have made this into a sampler for my Jane Austen sampler wall. Rather than use two colors throughout the alphabet like the original, I only highlighted the E and M. I gave a tiny thought to highlighting the W for that bad boy Willoughby but decided against it.

I used the listed threads and stitched this on Antique Ivory Belfast linen.

My newest edition of Sense and Sensiblity was a find at the recent Borders store closing and is lots of fun with all the illustrations and extra information. I also listened to an S&S audio book on my MP3 player while I stitched this.

Another ‘up all night’ project I have going is reorganizing my threads by color rather than number. Since I like to adjust colors on many things I stitch I thought this might be a better way to make color choices. I’ll try it for a bit and see. I’ve found many gaps in my DMC collection and need to stock up a bit sometime soon.


(two Janes)


11 thoughts on “S & S Sampler

  1. Two Janes and I know which one is my favourite. I always love to see her and she is looking so grown up now. She is one of the most serene looking cats I’ve seen.

  2. I’ve always organized my floss by color so can’t imagine trying to do it by number. Year and years ago, one could find tinted plastic floss boxes, so my pinks and purples and greys are in the pink box and my blues completely fill my blue box. I’m sure you’ll like the convenience once you realize how much handier it is. I wish I could get MY stitching mojo back. For right now, I’d settle on organizing my floss boxes by putting back all the floss I took out to stitch with various projects that have been on hold a year or more – only then I might forget just what similar color I substituted for another. Only I’d have to start moving some floss to box #5 or 6! 😀 Lovely stitching, as always.

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