looking at barns








I do love to drive down winding dirt roads with tall leafy trees. That is probably one of the things I miss most in Colorado. That and the lakes.

I had hoped to post some good pictures of barns today but I’m very unhappy with my photography lately. There are many barns in this part of the state so I’m getting lots of practice. Here are a few that aren’t too bad.

We also spied some wild turkeys on this very pretty hillside, it looks like a dream to me.


11 thoughts on “looking at barns

  1. I like your barn photos and like taking pictures of them myself. We have some really neat ones in Tennessee and I like to get the ones with advertisements painted on the side. I really like the white one with the dark silo. The turkey shot is great too. I just read some about turkeys in Birds and Blooms magazine. I want to go on a great country drive too(and a train excursion!). Fun post. Thanks.

  2. Love the deep red barns with the yellow field flowers. GORGEOUS! My husband and I often enjoy pointing out barns when we travel but I must stop and capture them with the camera. Well done! Very enjoyable post.

  3. I think gorgeous photos follow you where ever you go! I love barns as well and I got to see so many idyllic barn/farms on our trip to South Dakota a couple of years back. There is something so peaceful about the whole scene, isn’t there? Great photos — keep up the good work.

  4. Great photos!!!!
    In the current Octpber issue of Allure magazine there is an essay on Jane Austen.
    I know, I know, Jane Austen and Allure magazine are not an obvious or usual match but the three-page essay is very good.
    Probably Allure can be found at local libraries.

    Sammy Rusks

  5. MK, I just want you to know that I’ve missed your Tweets. I did some updates and lost feeds and following you on Twitter. I have a different tool bar, and everything is uncharted territory. If I know how to fix it, I would. I just now got to your blog to follow what you’ve been up to, and how I’ve missed you! I have some catching up to do!

    Coming from rich black dirt farmland, which the back of our house borders on, my neck of the woods is looking much like your photos, which I think are just fine – much better than mine would be. You’d really be unhappy with my photography!

    It’s so good to know you’re still about and doing well. I’ll try to visit more often and figure out how to get my feeds back. Keep on staying busy and thinking good thoughts. I, too, will be happy when you have your own home to do as you did in Colorado. I know you miss it so much!

  6. Your wild turkeys look very picturesque. Do they do much crop damage? Here in Wisconsin they’re everywhere. They cause some problems for farmers and you can even find them in the city parks.

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