a new project







I’ve settled down to a project that is keeping my attention and keeping me up late because I hate to put it down.

This is the Providence Sampler from The Sampler Company. While staying here in Michigan I previously finished Red House Sampler by the same designer.

I am fiddling with the colors on this as I go, I will be pulling out my purple initials and going with the called for colors but I’m liking my other changes at this point.

I have my eye on some of the other samplers at The Sampler Company especially this one and this one! I don’t carry this design but order them for myself from The Sampler Company website.

A touch of autumn has come to the lake, the weather has been beautiful and Jerry flies in tomorrow for five days! The rest of my week is looking pretty good.


13 thoughts on “a new project

  1. I love this designer as well!!! I have red House and Country House on my bucket list…. I am thinking 2012 is going to be my “Sampler” year! You have made a lot of progress on this design and can’t wait to see your progress.. Nice job, Faye

  2. Hi Mary Kathryn! It has been so long since I read your blog and so I have no idea why you are in Michigan? Not a move? I love seeing your BK sampler. You are very far and close to a finish. I adore BKs charts and have stitched some but have so many more in my stash that I hope to do. Right now I have slowed down new projects while working on getting many UFOs in my quilt studio done. They are a combination of stitching, quilting, bobbinlace and crochet projects. I need to find more organization with the eye disease I was diagnosed with slowing me down just a little.

    I looked through the photos quickly on your blog and see a beauty of a new cat. I also saw you are reading a book with Keizer Wilhelm in it. I used to work at Huis Doorn which is where he fled to when he asked the Dutch for asylum at the end of WWI. It is called a castle but is small although very beautiful.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. The samplers are beautifu l(as usual). Thanks for sharing them and inspiring the rest of us to stitch. I am so happy for you that Jerry is getting to come in for a few days. Enjoy some good time together! 🙂

  4. Oh, sorry my reply took so long. Thank you for your reply. We lived in the Gull Lake area for many years and miss it a lot. Guess I was just hoping. Michigan has many beautiful lakes! Enjoy that beauty!

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