ten day blur

wg 101511

trr 101511

In the past 10 days Jerry came for a 5 day visit which was way too short. Our two youngest boys had birthdays, Kellen turned 16, Ethan turned 9. I visited The Thumb for 4 days to help drive the kid taxi while my sister’s husband was at a pastor’s conference, while there I walked on the shore of Lake Huron and fell down my sister’s stairs -not for the first time, OUCH! My dad had surgery for an aneurysm (he is recovering well) and I haven’t had nearly enough time for stitching.


Jerry sent me these pictures he took yesterday in Rocky Mountain National Park where Trail Ridge Road is still open. If you miss Rocky Mountain Wednesdays half as much as I do, I’m sure you enjoy seeing these too.

I’m as homesick as ever but hanging in here…still.


5 thoughts on “ten day blur

  1. …And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’…
    Rudyard Kipling’s words came to mind.
    Hope everything gets better soon.

  2. Photo at the Visitor’s Center at the top of Fall River Pass, perhaps? I’ve been there this time of year – a VERY long time ago. That should tell you how vividly I still remember those days. I can’t imagine how homesick you must be. I haven’t been to Colorado since the 1980’s and I’M HOMESICK! Happy birthday to the boys. No more falling down stairs, okay? Take care.

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