projects from the past





While I was visiting my sister I took some pictures of things I’ve stitched as gifts for her in the past. This is my round about way of sharing a bit of stitching here at my stitching blog despite the fact that there has been very little progress on anything else, well nothing exciting anyway.

After some time with my needle and thread this evening, I’m on the home stretch of BOAF My Betrothed Sampler and if I don’t get distracted by something new and shiny perhaps I’ll have a finish to share shortly.

Hope your week has been lovely so far!


11 thoughts on “projects from the past

  1. Hi, loved to look through your past projects, but the ‘Daisy’ one is one I would love to make for my niece – called Daisy. I don’t suppose you can remember the designer ?? Irene xx

  2. Those cushions are so lovely! Do you use pillow forms or do you just stuff them yourself? I made some quilted (and zippered –yikes!) pillow covers and used premade pillow forms for them — the Joann’s polyester type — and they are so stiff they don’t even look good on the couch so I was just wondering. Beautiful work, Mary Kathryn.

    • Hi Melissa,

      I don’t use forms. When I sew the sides together I sew 2 layers of good batting between (for sewing layer your stack like this from top to bottom, stitched piece face down, backing face up, 2 layers of batting) leave opening, turn, stuff the cushion betweeen the batting. It makes the pillow look smooth and helps keep the shape, it costs less too :0)

  3. what lovely gifts, Mary Kathryn. I’m sure your sister cherishes each and every one of them.

    I especially like the one about tea–what chart is that? I would like to stitch it for my best friend. It looks like it might be a LHN design…

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