knitting finish






I began knitting this shawl in January of 2010. I’m pleased to have completed this today. I began the final rows before the sun was up this morning which sounds frightfully early but we don’t see the sun much before 9am these days.

The day was beautiful and another like it, but a bit warmer, is expected tomorrow. I’m thinking of a trip to the cider mill which will be closing for the season soon.

My photo assistant is Max who doesn’t like to have his picture taken but has a very sweet face. Just over the fence were several ducks who were keeping out of sight while Max was about. He generally ignores ducks but gets very bossy with the Canadian Geese.

I’m thinking about starting on some knitted Christmas gifts, small ones.


2 thoughts on “knitting finish

  1. Your shawl looks really pretty MK! I’ve turned into a knitting fool lately – LOL!
    I have many things going – and then today, I started my own shawl! You inspired me to get going on it… maybe it will be done before it turns warm again.

    Linda in VA

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