decorating begins




I couldn’t resist stitching up this ornament as soon as I saw it. It is from the 2011 JCS Ornament issue which Marianne so sweetly sent me. This is Little House Needlework’s submission which is my favorite of the issue but there are lots more on my really, really like list. Thank you again Marianne!

Ethan is helping Aunt Janet decorate the main tree. Jerry flys back to Omaha in a few hours and we are all still full from Thanksgiving here.

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been wonderful, and those who shop are thrilled with their loot. My weekend purchases amount to 2 rolls of paper towels whooo hooo!

Happy Holidays!


8 thoughts on “decorating begins

  1. What a gorgeous picture of Ethan this Christmas! I’m just stopping by with a comment this year to let you know I do come by fairly often to keep up with your work and your wonderful postings. I want to thank you, as well, for following me on the occasion. :]
    I’ve loved Jane Austen this season. Just posted a review of “Christmas at Pemberley~A Pride & Prejudice Christmas Sequel” by Regina Jeffers that you might want to take a look at.
    I absolutely loved the book…it’s so perfect for an evening sipping tea and watching those Christmas lights twinkle…

    Merry Christmas and every blessing in 2012


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