merry days!


Hope your Christmas was wonderful! I’m back online after my little laptop had a minor op in Texas (hard drive replacement) and will be back to blogging more regularly soon. Thank you so much for still coming by after such a lack of posts.

Jerry is here for one more day. Sadly we did not see Amber this Christmas and that was hard for all. Many cookies have been baked and gifts opened lately. My two oldest children celebrated birthdays the week before Christmas as well.

I’ve been knitting and stitching so there is no lack of projects to share soon.

Happiest of Holidays to you!!


6 thoughts on “merry days!

  1. Hi Mk. I’m so glad to see you blogging again. I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful finishes. This was my first Christmas with-out my daughters being home. My eldest moved out of state last year and my youngest just moved out last month and decided to spend the holiday with her boyfriend. They wanted to spend the holiday alone. Christmas just isn’t the same without your children no matter how old they are. BUT I must honor their wishes and put on a brave face and look forward to next Christmas.

    I hope you and yours are reunited for good soon.


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