green-eyed girl




Jane!  Stop that!




I pounce on you!


Recently finished is this zig-zag knit scarf in a green that matches Jane’s eyes nicely. This is a free pattern over at Lion Brand Yarns (look for pattern #90197AD) I used larger needles and decreased the pattern repeat accordingly. This is Vanna’s Choice yarn in the color olive.

Jane likes to play a little stalking game with me. Without breaking eye contact she will slowly come toward me half crouched and then pounce. I’ve tried to show this in pictures. Although she’s not in focus I think you get the idea. At the beginning of this particular pounce I scolded her for gnawing on Ethan’s little chair (such a bad kitty), she glared and me and then started her stalk.

I am enjoying having my laptop back in working order. Another little repair in the works here is my car. I had a rather unremarkable (except for the damage) accident with it. I drove over something which cracked something vital on the engine which now must be replaced – completely! Thankfully this is covered by our insurance. Believe me we are thankful!!

Time to get back to my knitting!


6 thoughts on “green-eyed girl

  1. Good to see you back online! I was hoping Jerry had found a stay-put job and you were headed back to Colorado. Trust that even without Amber this year, your Christmas was a good one. Happy New Year and only positive thoughts and good wishes for 2012!

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