a nice finish




From Little House Needleworks, Plant Kindness. I stitched this on 35 count lambswool using mostly the prescribed threads. I did switch the black to DMC 3371 because it was what I had on hand. I plan to frame this one so I’m keeping a lookout at the thrift shops for the right frame.

Another Little House Project in the works….I’m working out my plan to finish this as a Jane Austen themed sampler and hope to have it finished up shortly. I didn’t start this project with that in mind but it occurred to me late one night that it would work out nicely.

It has been a very mild winter here in Michigan for which I am grateful. The lake didn’t freeze solid until yesterday, this picture is from Tuesday when it was trying to freeze but the waves kept breaking up the ice. Today it has frozen across and though I said it has been a mild winter, I am just a bit jealous that it is supposed to be 63 degrees in Colorado today!


12 thoughts on “a nice finish

  1. Great job on your new finish, Mary Kathryn! I’m excited to see the piece you are working on now with all the changes! Hope you are back in Colorado soon!

  2. Every time I read your blog and look at the lovely pictures, I get so homesick for Michigan. Winter in Georgia–ukk–well, all seasons, if you could call them that! Happy stitching.

  3. Very pretty! The lake looks so pretty; we have a mild winter this year too, in the NE. I’d like it to snow just a little so it looks like winter.

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