phone & photo mitts






I’ve been knitting more than stitching these past few days. I finished up a pair of finger-less mitts, handy for the phone and the camera. I’ve also found that these help my hands feel better when I’ve done a bit too much knitting, just that extra bit of warmth. This is a free pattern which you can find here. I ended up using smaller needles and casting on fewer stitches to make a snug fit. The artwork on my phone is by Ethan.

I’ve decided to try out a cable project. This is another free pattern found here. I’m using some of the yarn I got at Christmas for this project. It’s going pretty well but I feel like I’m wrestling with the needles sometimes. It’s fun to learn something new and I do like how it’s looking.

Today was another warm and sunny day here. I caught a glimpse of several nuthatches in the trees and ran out to take some pictures. These birds aren’t still for long. Nuthatches are some of my favorite birds to watch and not so easy to photograph.

Back to wool wrestling!


PS – This is my 1,100th post – seems like an awful lot of blogging to me!

5 thoughts on “phone & photo mitts

  1. Thank you for the knitting links Mary Kathryn, I love the fingerless gloves.
    The artwork on your phone is great..and best of all, unique.
    Congratulations on 1,100 posts:)

  2. Looks good! I’m about to finish up my first official “cable” project…although it isn’t quite as impressive as yours is looking! I agree…I feel like I’m wrestling with the needles a bit also!

  3. I’ve been knitting alot the past couple of months – neglecting my cross-stitching and my reading!! But I’m having fun. My sister, who lives in Ohio, knits also. So we have been calling each other a lot lately – sometimes knitting together on the phone. Or I teach her a new stitch over the phone!!

    Cabling is fiddly at times, isn’t it! I find I can cable to the front easily – but have a difficult time cabling to the back! So I try to avoid it – LOL!

    Linda in VA

  4. It is so good to have you blogging again. Missed you. I WANT TO LEARN TO KNIT!!! The cabled project is looking great. I love anything cabled. Nuthatches are so entertaining.. One of my favorite birds is the cedar wax wing. I like Ethan’s use of lots of color.

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