another ‘nice’ sampler





Just have a few stitches left to go to finish up Just for Today by Primitive Traditions. I’ve used 35 lambswool linen for this and mostly the prescribed threads. I’m thinking of a fabric bordered wall hanging for this one.

I jumped right into an additional cable knit project. I’m having a go at this hat. Just using a skein of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn on this, the color is dusty green.

With my Christmas bookstore gift cards I added 2 nice knitting books to my shelves. Both have been very helpful in my knitting journey so far.


10 thoughts on “another ‘nice’ sampler

  1. The sampler is lovely, Mary Kathryn! I also love the yarn you chose for the hat–thank you for sharing a link to the pattern. And for sharing about the new knitting books you got. I will check into them!!! As always, I’ve really enjoyed your blog entry!

  2. This is a beautiful sampler. I love that you have used Lambswool – it is such a good linen to use for most designs. But stitching over 1 on 35ct? Please tell me it was over 2! My poor eyes feel the strain just thinking of it. Thank you for sharing your almost finish.

  3. MK, the sampler is so soft and lovely! Makes me want to start something new and even springy as the snow and bitter winds blow here, but, alas! I’m a very slow stitcher, unlike you, and I’m in the WIPocalyse, chipping away at leftovers from former days. Not just last year, but langushing UFOs from too long ago to mention. I didn’t get carried away listing all of them because I didn’t want to set myself up for failure this year, LOL!

    For some reason, I’m all of a sudden again receiving notifications of your Tweets in my Goodle toolbar, but there for awhile, there were no messages from you at all and no blog posts either. Many were very worried abou you, Mary Kathryn! We love you, sweet MK!!! And I would order from your shop, MK, but I’m seriously on a stash diet because I haven’t stitched a fraction of all I ordered from you previously. I’m 64 now and have to think that my stitching days are getting limited 😦

    You also make me want to take up knitting. I drool when looking at your knitted projects. I especially want to make socks, of all things. I just think hand-knit socks would be the ultimate luxury! I taught myself to crochet at a young age, but knitting has yet to be conquered. I’m sure if I really tried, I could teach myself that as well. Maybe a book for beginners would be in order for me. I love the sound of knitting needles clanking together!

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