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Passing the days with stitching and knitting. I’m way past due for some new glasses so I find myself knitting more than stitching lately and the chilly weather we’ve had turns my mind toward knitting as well.

The design I’m stitching is Colonial Welcome from Little House Needleworks. I’m personalizing this as a Jane Austen Sampler. I’ve added a date and plan to re-stitch the initials to CM and HT (hint, hint) you should be able to tell which novel from those clues.

I used this pattern for the hats. I eliminated the knitted rib (changed to all purl between cables) for the white and red hat and reworked the decrease rows a bit. The white hat is on the small size so I’ll be passing that on to a little girl I know, I didn’t skimp on the ribbing of the red one so I think it will fit okay.

Kellen has requested a bright blue one like the green hat so I’ll be knitting this pattern at least one more time.

January has flown so far, although some days feel like they’ll never end…..I hope 2012 has been good to you!


11 thoughts on “progress report

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! I love the hats; I’m going to copy off that pattern myself and pair it with cabled mittens for a Christmas gift next year. Also love the sampler! Very pretty! Oh, and I have to keep going up on the lenses, too. I’ve been buying the cheapee ones and they work fine! Plus, they’re pretty snazzy!

  2. Oh my, MK! Everything you touch looks delicious! I don’t even know if I have Colonial Welcome (pretty bad when you have so many you don’t know), but as a Jane Austen interpretation to the sampler, it’s wonderful!!! I have all her books in one big volume simply because of your love of them but have yet to read them. Books are like cross stitch – the quantity is vast.

    I love the cable knit hats, and I have some old Golden Hands needlework lessons that came out periodically waaaay back in the early 70’s that are in plastic binders made specifically for Golden Hands. They’re beautiful teaching issues that I need to pull out, sit down with needles and yarn in hand, and go for it! I don’t need the crochet lessons, being proficient in it for over 40 years, but knitting appeals to me for its flexibility to stretch or “give,” as I found many years ago when I compared crocheted dish cloths to my knitted ones. No comparison in the quality of the knitted ones over crocheted. I did get as far as dishcloths, mittens, scarves, and a hat when I first learned knitting, LOL! I still have all those items, and many gifts of my dish cloth are just memories.

    Off to see if I have Colonial Welcome. Keep up the great work on the needle arts!

  3. Beautiful work. I think that the book from Jane Austen is Northanger Abbey, the initials from Catherine Morland and Henry Tilney. It’s an inspiration to me yours Jane Austen Samplers. I made a Persuasion sampler using LHN Diary as you did it. (Sorry for my english)

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