come for a month…..





stay for a year!

Yes I have now been in Michigan almost an entire year. I’ve been a little sad lately and not feeling too well, sorry for the long absence here at the blog. Hopefully, in the next few days we will have finalized moving plans however. Trying to be patient just a bit longer.

I’ve been knitting gifts and doing a tiny bit of stitching. Here is my small progress on Antique Animal Sampler from Elizabeth’s Designs. I’m stitching this on 35 count lambswool linen using 1 strand of floss. These sweet pinkeeps from Pineberry Lane have recently caught my eye as well.

Spring is blooming here and my allergies are extreme at the moment, my tissue box is my constant companion. I hope by my next post to have some good news to share!


6 thoughts on “come for a month…..

  1. Oh gosh–I hope that your good news reunites your family! I have been seeing Pineberry designs all over blogland… a new up-and-coming designer! I also suffer with spring allergies, but this year… only my eyes have been affected. That is great! Looks to be almost gone. I know this sounds sacriligious but I wish for rain, to wash it away in a hurry! Want to enjoy spring! Hugs!

  2. I’m sorry you have not been feeling well – and that on top of that, you are feeling sad. I have been the same. Even after living here for 38 years, I’m still homesick for Ohio. Think I always will be!

    That Antique Animal Sampler has been catching my eye lately!!

    Linda in VA

  3. I am sorry you aren’t feeling well. While our “winter of no winter” was great, it has really made a mess of spring. Looking forward to hearing about your moving plans. I have enjoyed seeing all the photos of the lake and lovely Michigan but I am sure you are ready to get back “home” and I look forward to seeing those photos, too!

  4. Glad to hear your life will soon be settled! I hope you feel better, soon. Adorable pinkeeps! I’d love to see what knitting projects you’ve done!

  5. Mary Kathryn,
    So sorry you are feeling blue. That can be so difficult to shake. I have certainly missed hearing from you. The pinkeeps are adorable. I look forward to your news! Kathryn

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