Things are slowly coming along here. I actually sat down and did a teeny bit of stitching on Elizabeth’s Designs Antique Animal Sampler. I have fiddled with the colors a bit on this one, more details later.

I have a corner of the kitchen done. At least we can have coffee now. I can see my old backyard (and its lack of roses) from the window by the sink. Our new backyard is in desperate need of a mow but we gave our mower away when we moved and need to replace it – SOON!  The spirea has peaked I think, so pretty and I love the smell.

Ethan is on a quest to pull out every last toy he hasn’t seen for a year. You can’t blame him but it creates a bit of an obstacle to progress.

I have a webshop sale brewing in my mind….watch this space!


7 thoughts on “progress

  1. It’s so nice to see you home, again! All those dishcloths you knitted last year look lovely in the white bowl! Your son must be so happy to unpack his goodies. And yes, your stitching looks so pretty, as always!

  2. I love seeing your new home coming together. The shot of the dishcloths is great! But I really really love Thomas the Tank Engine and all his buddies and tracks roaming throughout! Precious shot!! Hugs!

  3. So happy that you settling in, it looks like such a pretty place, and you stitching always looks so good.Blessings Chrissie from England

  4. Your coffee corner looks inviting! Tell Ethan “Great layout!” I miss playing trains! Your pasta house is adorable and my MIL likes violets and would love your tea bag caddy. As for me, If I weren’t in Tennessee, I might come over for coffee and sneak me a few dishcloths!!! I’ve GOT to learn to knit them, the ones I bought at our Fall Festival years ago are worn out! Thanks for sharing with us. Kathryn

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