a few things

plants 009

plants 004

plants 013

plants 010

plants 005

plants 014

Getting some planting done on a rainy afternoon. Just cooking herbs, onions, a cherry tomato plant, and some decorative flowers. I did replant my terrarium. I hope it does better this time. I used one less plant and will try to remember to let it dry out a bit more, my last one perished from excessive damp.

I finished up another corner of the kitchen and baked a few kinds of cookies. I tried this recipe. The cookies that I didn’t add Jello to are pretty tasty. I did not care for the ones with Jello, I would just use food color for different colors (and a tad less flour than called for, they were a bit dry) next time. They were fun to try.

Still, lots to unpack. It does seem to be taking a long time but we are slowing getting there.


2 thoughts on “a few things

  1. I love your terrarium, especially with the little bird peeking out the side 🙂 So very sweet! I hope you are able to get settled in smoothly – moving is never fun. Those cookies sure look yummy and thanks for the tips on not using so much flour and no Jell-o.

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