a new week






I hope Mother’s Day was a sweet occasion for all who celebrated this weekend. This year was very different than last year. This year I was able to celebrate in person with all four of my children and Jerry, last year with just 2 of the boys. We had a yummy Chinese food take out feast here at the house. It was good to be at the table with everyone!

When I think back on last year I remember all the encouragement I received throughout the year from blog friends to hang in there. I want to take a moment and thank you all again. You truly were a huge encouragement and still are. Moving is a big job and I really do appreciate your good wishes.

As requested I’ve included a few pictures of Jane from the last day or two. She feels like queen of the castle here. I haven’t told her yet but Yzma and quite possibly Ophelia will soon be invading her space. I hope that goes well, Yzma was queen of the rock when Jane arrived as a kitten, now Jane feels she is the one in possession! Ophelia is happy as long as there is food in the dish.

I framed my Red House Sampler. I love seeing this on the wall, makes me want to sit and stitch but I’m refraining til I’m caught up on EVERYTHING here. I think I might feel I can sit down to a good long, guilt free, stitch by the end of the week if all goes well. I apologize for the very blurry peek at the living room so far. Jerry’s sister sent those chairs home with us, they are super comfy and where I will be doing that bit of stitching. She still has 2 just like them at her house so we match! I would like to get a leather(ish) ottoman for that room.

We had some rainy weather over the weekend, there should be mountains beyond those trees in the view from my sewing chair!

Jane says hello!


PS. a bit of kid news…Amber has finished her degree (Bachelors of Science – IT, Web Programming) and Tyler just got a job for a company that works with IBM at their facility near Boulder. Happy for both of them. The bad news for my other two, they will be doing school all summer, well some anyway, we have a bit to catch up on, they aren’t really excited about that, don’t know why???

8 thoughts on “a new week

  1. Miss Jane looks so grown up and mature these days. I’m glad you are “finding your feet” again, it must feel good.

  2. Your sampler looks so lovely on the wall! I remember the peeks of it that we got to see as you stitched on it! Makes me want to stitch it also!!

    Linda in VA

  3. So pleased for you and for Amber and Tyler that is great news. I am so happy that you are getting settled again – yours was one of the first blogs I ever read and I have loved reading about all your stitching and family life over the past few years. The Red House sampler is beautiful and those chairs look very cosy – wonderful stitching chairs!

  4. What a wonderful gift to finally get back on the computer (another hard drive crash!) just last night for the first time since late March and discover you are at last back home (almost literally) in Colorado!! I know the move after so long brought both joys and sorrows. Seeing the return of Rocky Mountain Wednesdays instantly brought a smile to my face, a lump to my throat, and a shimmer of tears to my eyes. And how wonderful you were able to spend Mother’s Day with Jerry and all the kids. A true blessing indeed! My congratulatiopns to Amber and Tyler on their accomplishments. Best wishes to you and your entire family. And hugs, of course, to Jane, Phelia and Yzma! 1,111,727 – utterly amazing and well deserved!

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