Ages ago I bought this yarn to make this blanket. I finally started this fun project late last week. I’m actually starting on my 36th color stripe at this point, it is a fun and relaxing project.

As you can see the back deck is being overrun by clematis. I think I want to cut these back a bit when they are done blooming, I’ll need to look into proper care for these plants, since I’ve never had one before.

This is a busy week for things with the four kids. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing in many directions beginning around 6am. Not sure how much energy I’ll have for crafting and it is way too hot to crochet in my car since the air conked out. It is only 7:06 pm but I’m ready to conk out myself!

I do have a cross stitch project nearing completion, hopefully I’ll find the energy to get that done, it’s a sweet design.


14 thoughts on “crochet

  1. GORGEOUS! All of those beautiful colors are an absolute feast for the eyes! I want to knit and crochet so badly. As for the clematis, its beautiful too-a nice profusion of blooms.

  2. The colors in the blanket are beyond gorgeous!! The colors would work for almost any person.I am really tempted to make two of these for our grandsons even though they are 3 years and almost 6 months.
    Some of the most yummy colors I’ve seen in a long time.
    Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Sammy Rusk

  3. Gorgeous flowers! About the blanket: Ditto above comments, and especially impressed with the evenness of the tension and stitches, particularly because they look rather “loose” thus more fluffy. Are you using 2 strands of yarn? I don’t immediately recognize the stitch – probably because I can’t keep tension even and my projects tend to vary from a bit too tight to a bit too loose, depending on the time of day, my mood, or just because I’m definitely not so adept at crochet as you. 😀 Lovely work! – LindaMc

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