Friday finishing







Some Austen themed finishes. I’ve listed all these patterns on the Jane Austen Projects Page at the webshop, there is a free bonus offer with the Northanger Abbey design. Most of these are from The Sampler Girl, one of them is a recent free design you can find here. The other, which I converted into a little Mansfield Park keepsake is from Little House Needleworks.

I have 6 or 7 other finishes in the works but really need to spend a fair amount of my time finishing up the unpacking. I’ve pulled out all the essentials, now it is a matter of sorting through things that don’t really have a place and deciding if they are treasures I shall keep or if I should add them to the Good Will pile.

Jerry is wrapping up a 2 month out of town project and will possibly be on a local project for the next little while. That would be wonderful! Tyler likes his new job very much and Amber is taking a week’s vacation in Montana. The pool is open but we haven’t been yet, still so much to do around here and it hasn’t been super warm.

I have been taking so many pictures I think I have more things saved than I can possibly blog about for the next 3 months, I’ll just keep posting.

Thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “Friday finishing

  1. Oh my!!! You have my heart going pitter patt!!!! I would love to have a basket of Jane Austen stitching! You have inspired me!!!! That could be my next stitching theme…..2013 Year of Jane Austen stitching!!! Beautiful pics!

  2. Mary Kathryn, you have such a gift for finishing! Beautiful!!! I am a Jane Austen fan, too, so I’m really drooling over your finishes!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful post full of eye candy Mary Kathryn. Your pillows are all gorgeous especially the Friendship one with the lavender ribbon.
    I feel inspired 🙂

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