hope your weekend was fine!







No big celebrations here. Just a quiet weekend at home. Kids were busy with friends, we went to church, had a family dinner, did yard work, enjoyed afternoon rain and pretty sunsets.

I stitched up this sweet little Jubilee Sampler from The Sampler Girl. I also got really creative and made some markers for my cooking herbs with rocks and a sharpie! I picked up a couple of summer squash plants at the farmer’s market so my little garden is filling up nicely. I actually have several tomatoes on their way to ripening!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


11 thoughts on “hope your weekend was fine!

  1. I just love the Basil Marker! So simple but so striking! I also love the pics of your roses. So beautiful! I always enjoy your blog Mary Kathryn 🙂

  2. Love the markers, you are soooooo creative!!!! Glad to see you on more often and glad you are back in Colorado!!!

  3. Love your finish of the Jubilee pillow! Did you substitute with your own colors choices? Would you mind sharing them? Cute-o-roma herb markers!

  4. Cute herb markers and love the Jubilee finish! Must get this pattern and do myself! Did you make thread color substitutions? Looks a little different than The Sampler Girl’s finish. Would you mind sharing them if you have? Thanks!

    • Hi Laura,

      I used Crescent Colours Ruby Slippers and Wavy Navy for the dark red and dark blue Wisconsin Woods for the border and Whatley Woodlands for the date and dark gold on the crown at the top, I used DMC 676 for the light gold, I filled in the crown with Ruby Slippers, the design leaves it blank, I didn’t use white between the stripes of the flag I left that blank, I used GAST Peacock for the lettering and GAST Slate for the crown at the top. I don’t remember what I used for the hair and face just something that was handy.


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