something knitted






I knitted this in Michigan but just finally got around to blocking it. This is the Ashton Shawlette which is a great learning project, this pattern really made me feel like I was well on my way to becoming a knitter, it gently teaches you how and the results are very good I think. I’m not sure that link will work if you aren’t signed into Ravelry. I used Manos Serena yarn in the color Wildflowers.

This shawl is very lightweight and can be bunched up like a scarf too. I like to wear it with this thrift-store broach.

I’m still unpacking boxes. The cats love all the boxes and baskets as you can see. Yzma loves Ethan and he’s pretty fond of her, he takes her all over the house like this and she happily goes along. As usual, he needs a haircut!


PS – just unpacked a box with lavender sachets in it – why didn’t I put lavender sachets in all the boxes!?!

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