Rocky Mountain Wednesdays







The weather was a bit tricky for these pictures. I’ve been trying to be good and stay focused on the last of the unpacking so I didn’t get out to get better pictures this week.

As the Aspens begin to get green at the higher elevations you can really see the extent of the beetle kill. So many pine trees have been lost. The first year they turn a reddish-rust color and then fade to pale grey. You can image what a fire hazard these forests have become.

Wildlife was very scarce on this particular drive, just a few scraggly looking elk, they never look great in the Spring, and some moose which were too far away to photograph. I’m not sure if the beetle kill has anything to with this but it is sad to see the forests like this. There was a huge debate about intervention which was decided against, I think I wish they had done something. They say it is part of a natural process, but now these trees are all being cut down to lessen the fire hazard.

The mountains are still full of beauty however!


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