stormy weather

When I started dinner the sky looked like this, these are newborn future thunderstorms,

a little while later..

the far right of this storm was eating its vitamins

not so little anymore!

We’ve had some pretty stormy weather here, you may have seen it on the news. We live quite a bit west of the worst of it. We are so far west, that is, nestled up against the east side of the Rockies that we get some protection from the worst of the storms but we do get to see them forming. Since it’s all downhill from here to the Blue Ridge Mountains we can watch these storms for a long time especially at night. My big bedroom window faces East and I enjoy watching the distant lightning after dark.

Just a random picture of a yummy candle I got at Target today, it smells divine!


PS just one more – I love how clouds look up close!


4 thoughts on “stormy weather

  1. I would love to watch the storms forming and then continue to watch them thru the night. What a special vantage point you have, Mary Kathryn!

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