High Park Fire







Thank you for the sweet compliments on my last post!

We have a fire not too far away from here, close to Fort Collins. We can smell smoke and there’s a pretty good haze in the sky, the wind brings stronger whiffs of smoke every few minutes. Not a good day for allergies or asthma! Tanker planes fly over every few hours. So far little progress has been made in containing the fire and more people have had to evacuate their homes. It must be very hard for them to wait to see if their home will be spared.

Yesterday we were in Fort Collins and I took these pictures, except the for the one with the plane. I went to FoCo use my gift card at The Cupboard. I ended up getting a very nice deep dish pizza pan and a few other kitcheny odds and ends. Somehow I no longer have cookie sheets, they were lost or tossed during the move. I took the ‘in town’ picture of the smoke from the sidewalk in front of Stuft Burger if you know Fort Collins. Yesterday morning Jerry, Amber, Ethan and I went to the local farmer’s market. All I brought home were some of these yummy carrots and an additional basil plant since I have been over-picking the one I have for lunches. I’ll put the carrots in the chicken and dumplings I plan to make for dinner tonight.

I picked up a few more petunia plants at good old Home Depot for my front steps, I’m off to transplant those and then stitch for a bit.

Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “High Park Fire

  1. What do you all use your Basil in, I bought a plant, like the smell, but really do not know how to use it in cooking with it.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I make pizza toast, toast bread, butter and put a little garlic salt on it, or use olive oil, put a slice of tomato, a basil leaf & mozzarella cheese on top and either grill for a minute or pop it in the microwave to melt cheese. :0)

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