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I recently ‘pinned’ a recipe for microwave potato chips over at Pinterest. I tested it this weekend and they were pretty good but I decided to try out a few modifications.

Here is what I found worked best. I used Klondike Rose potatoes because that’s what I had in the house, there may be potatoes better suited for this, I’m not up on my spuds.

Anyhow, I sliced these very thin, a mandolin would be perfect for this but I don’t have one, I may borrow Amber’s when I want to make these again. Lightly spray a microwave safe plate with cooking oil spray, I went with olive oil. Arrange the potato slices as shown and sprinkle with salt, the juice of the potato helps the salt to stick, it worked better than trying to season afterwards, then give them a spritz of the olive oil spray. Microwave for 5-6 minutes (all microwaves are different so you may need to adjust this) and voilà. I did not flip these halfway through, just punch the time and let ’em go! They crisp up as they cool, they aren’t greasy at all and you can still taste the potato.

Of course they need dip!

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I am impatiently waiting for the UPS man who hopefully will be bringing goodies today. I will be offering my usual buy all 4 get Santa 2012 free AND reduced to cover your shipping costs. PS designs are shipped in cardboard mailers to protect your designs from being bent. I can’t wait! I’ll add a link here as soon as I can get the button up at the webshop with pictures, if you would like to reserve a set please let me know!


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