Rocky Mountain Wednesdays








Well of course the big news here is the High Park Fire. At times the smoke has been severe, some people are wearing masks around town, it has caused some breathing problems which I felt was a good excuse to sit quietly and stitch.

Ethan and I ‘went to work’ with Jerry for part of the day.  He had to run several paperwork errands on jobs in the works, one of which took us up to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The sky was pretty in Wyoming, not much smoke.  There’s not much to see once you get near the Colorado Wyoming border, lots of dry land and water pump windmills.  I took this windmill picture on the way back toward Colorado, it’s starting to look smokey again.  Every now and then the wind shifts and you can see the mountains again, and look there is still a bit of snow, not as much as there should be but that is another story.

This is how the fire looked from my street just a little while ago tonight.


6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I heard about that fire all the way here, on the east coast. I hope it gets under control soon, and doesn’t cause any more problems.
    The pictures are beautiful; so much sky! 🙂 And huge mountains!

  2. My Mom and Brother live in Cheyenne and I talked to them the other day about the fires. Some days the smoke is bad and others not so. Glad you are safe and I hope the firefighters can get control over them. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Are you selling the July/August issue of Just Cross Stitch including the Christmas Preview Ornaments as well as the Halloween Ornaments and the Christmas Ornaments issues???
    I would like to buy all three and will be happy to wait for all three to sent at one time.
    Sammy Rusk

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