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Another something I stitched a while ago and finally finished. This is Plant Kindness from Little House Needleworks. I used mostly the called for colors, I purpled up the thistle looking flowers on the corners a bit, I sort all my DMC by color and don’t really pay much attention to color number anymore, sorry I don’t remember exactly what color I used. This is 35 count lambswool linen from Wichelt (my favorite) and you can see the fabric I used on the back. Just added a little black bow and I was done. This looks nice with my garden books on the shelf.

Another garden themed project in the works is My Secret Garden from Lizzie Kate. This design comes with some little brass charms and a butterfly button. I’ve put together some thread packs for this project at the webshop if you’d like to stitch along. The fabric is 28 count hand-dyed from R&R that was mis-labeled count and color wise when I received it but it works nice for this. I think I may have 2 to 3 more cuts this size available. I’ll add them to the webshop if so. I love how this is turning out.

Now for my own garden….the herbs and veggies are growing nicely, the bunnies are eating all the strawberries but I think they have been doing that for years, I didn’t plant them. My lawn is another matter. I want a backyard you can walk barefoot in. My backyard has thistle growing in the grass. Now I love when I see a beautiful, big, bloomed thistle bush on the side of the road like the one I took a picture of, I do not like thistle in the bottom of my foot! Each day I head out and go to work removing more plants from the lawn, I’ll get there but it’s going to take a while. It is greening up nicely, I battle dandelions as well but they don’t cause pain.




lots of sunny weather ahead for yard work, today actually reached 100, almost a record and I just saw a revised forecast that says 104 for Friday….love all the ways this says ‘sunny’

6 thoughts on “garden things

  1. ooOoo! My tomatoes are little and green, a little behind yours. It has reached 100 already here in Wisconsin if you can believe it! Very pretty stitches. 🙂 I crawl around my yard digging out weeds too, but not thistle!;)

  2. I once sat around and dug out all the wild violets in MY yard… however, they came back with a vengeance because they live in my neighbor’s yard, unabashedly! I was thinking about sitting down and doing it again… I shall see how I feel on the weekends or whenever. Love the Plant Kindness piece and the backing fabric–marvelous pairing! And the LK piece is coming along very nicely-you should be done soon! Our weather is not going to be quite like yours, but summer is definitely here eh? Hugs!

  3. Your Plant Kindness pillow turned out beautiful as always!! I love seeing your L*K Secret Garden progress. I’ve had this chart forever and have never stitched it. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos!!

  4. We had hoped for better weather for our Denver trip later this week but we will manage.The cross stitch is lovely–very lovely indeed but I do have a weakness for purples.And the tomatoes will be tasty eating when they mature.
    Be safe.

  5. I love your pillow and I have been weeding the yard also not only that but I have two potted tomatoes plants with little green tomatoes just like your, happy stitching !

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